At BIS (Business Intelligence Security Pty Ltd) our aim is to remove the fear from Cyber Security.  Our goal is to give SMB leaders the vital tools they need to make informed and proactive decisions, to build resilient and robust businesses.  You don’t need to have years of CyberOps, or Cyber Security experience, to have a full understanding of your companies areas of risk, or how to mitigate that risk.  You just need the right information, presented in the right way.

We believe the only effective Cybersecurity strategy is for business owners, C Suite officers, board members, managing directors, practice managers, etc, to be fully informed and in control.  We not only think this is achievable.  We know it is.  If you’re smart enough to run a business, you can definitely take control of it’s Cyber  Security, rather than “hope” others have it adequately in hand.

The Cyber Security answer is in the board room.  Not the server room.  It is the CEOs responsibility to ensure an effective Cybersecurity strategy in place to safeguard the business.  It is not the role to the IT department.  IT and Cybersecurity are very, very different issue.  Only the CEO can Marshall all the resources necessary to implement an effective Cybersecurity strategy.

At BIS we work with CEOs and business leaders to plan and implement that strategy.

So please, explore our site (and check back frequently as we are always updating with new features), and contact BIS to take control of your business’ Cyber Security.